Top 5 Chrome extensions for digital marketing services

Google Analytics Google Analytics is a software that helps to track your advertising rate, social networking sites, and applications. They let you take a look at the minute details of the website activity like the number of individual visits, campaign tracking, and data-driven reports suggest to you the possibilities of your business growth. These give complete business insights and advanced tools to grow your market opportunities. Digital marketing agencies in Chennai use this analytic service to drive their client's website traffic and expand their range. MozBar A digital marketing agency uses this software to analyze metrics, optimize the page, and solve keyword difficulty. This is a simplified SEO-based service that lets you increase blog traffic, shows domain rating, and allows perform custom searches. MozBar has a DA (Domain Authority) mode that offers the ability to see the DA of each site you visit without having to fully expand MozBar in your browser. Grammarly This service is the one-stop solution to your English grammar and acts as a writing assistant to your digital marketing services. They have a check over punctuation, clarity, the figure of speech, and engagement rate. This software does more than just correcting your grammar. Grammarly has reached a wide range of people helping them write at a quicker pace with fewer errors. You don't need an editor anymore. Digital marketing agencies in Chennai have this service installed in their systems and in mobile keyboards to deliver fast and enhanced content. Buffer What if you find a tool to manage your social media accounts? This software has been built for the same purpose. This service is mostly used by small business owners and it helps you to keep a track of your audience engagement, scheduling posts and timely reports on the performance. Digital marketing agencies adore this platform as it paves a way to interact and engage with the community, tracks your top-performing content and studies the metrics, helps to plan your content a month ahead. Keywords Everywhere Simple - It makes keywords search easy. This platform saves your time and finds competitive data. This boosts your digital marketing services as it creates keyword metrics that you can download in various formats. Keyword research is the first step to digital marketing strategies and this service offers the best you could find on the web. The extension helps you to scoop up the competitor keywords and handpick target keywords for you. These are the most used Chrome extensions used in digital marketing agencies in Chennai and there are much more tools available for free and paid services that will improve your digital marketing services. Today, standing out from the crowd and grabbing the audience’s attention is a challenging job. These software programs get you ahead in the messy online world. 

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