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Zero Gravity Technologies

Discover what the websites are designed with

The development stack of every website is immediately exposed.

The only tech of its kind

Technological databases offer great information into the tech industry and are a primary resource for market research and analysis of competitors.

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Style that fits your needs

On time delivery


Dedicated team effort


Top-notch quality



With a good intuitive website/mobile application your chances of being visible increases.

Customer Applications

User friendly app which simplifies ordering online

Manager Dashboard

Manage your orders & fleet via one interface

Driver's application

Enhance the productivity of your fleet with Driver app

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Your applications are expertly crafted and strategized.

Tailored approach.

Zero Gravity Technology’s team runs thousands of scenarios for your apps to build your specific strategy.

All steps, mapped.

You get a detailed plan of attack for every month to execute new initiatives and functionalities.

A glimpse of humanity.

Your apps will have a unique experience that will make your clients trust you.

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Get your marketing and development strategies in one place every month.

No more scattered data

All of your data will reach you in real-time as we update progress.

Customized interface.

Every user in your app views the data in a way they need and understand.

Always adapt.

Once your app takes off, the results of our efforts are shown, making it a smarter experience every day.

Real time In-App chat

Delight & retain your customers by integrating real-time chat inside your website or mobile apps to provide your valuable customers with instant and convenient support.

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Expand your potential so that you can achieve excellence.

We envisage a world where companies like yours take chances, follow standards, and improve the ordinary people's experiences – your audience. We all grow together.



Give your brand Strength. Dominate your area.

Our people, enthusiasm, and processes allow you to embrace innovation and become revolutionaries without fear of loss or revenue. Break walls, and feel comfortable to do so

Get your Appraisal and Blueprint of Opportunities now, no strings attached.

Here's how we turn your app into a win-win:


Experience the power of the tech expertise our team has

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Know which platforms to use, or leave alone

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Check out our plan of attack to reach your goals