Best way to promote your brand on Instagram

We know Instagram is a place you can post and play. You also know it’s more than that now. It has become a potential marketing platform to reach people from every corner of the world. Every social media network that is a marketing medium now has huge prospects to boost your market possibilities.

Here are six easy ways to improve your Instagram marketing strategy that will help your brand grow – for free.

Switch to a business account

The first step before you start planning is to make sure that you switch your current profile to a business account. This allows your followers to contact you with a click. Publish ads instead of opting for Facebook’s advertising tools, access analytics by looking at insights, impressions, and reach. These simple changes help you analyze the metrics and understand your audience better.

Make use of free marketing tools

Free statistics about your profile give you the breakdown of the followers’ demographics which include age, gender, location, and most active hours. Since it is designed to be specific about your particular profile, these tools are essential as they clearly state how users are interacting with your content.

Create sponsored ads

The best part of creating sponsored ads on Instagram is that you can spend by setting a budget. It can be either a single or carousel feature. Now, brands can promote their photos to anyone that fits their target audience to increase their service reach. Run multiple post ads to different audiences simultaneously for good engagement.

Collaborate with influencers

Have you used metrics to analyze your profile, ran multiple ads, and still feel something is not working out? Well then, put yourself out there to grab the attention of your target audience. This can be effectively done with the help of influencers. Most people trust a service or product by what they see in their feed from the influential people they follow. We wouldn’t be surprised if you even called it digital word-of-mouth.

Cross-promote in other platforms

More drive increases your engagement but how would you just do it with one platform? You have to post and promote on other platforms also. If you already have a decent following; invite Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc., users, to follow your Instagram profile. Give them another way to socially connect with your brand.

Interact with the audience

Value the followers’ time by interacting with them. This simple engagement can create a loyal client base. Reply to as much as DMs you get about the services you offer and queries. Make your content more interactive as viewers can express themselves easily than ever. All these break a rigid wall between you and your potential customer.

All of us use; posts, stories, reels, boomerangs, live options, and these should be part of your daily Instagram routine. Post product teasers, collect user-submitted photos, run a contest or giveaway, and keep coming up with different ways to connect with your community.

We need to stay updated and stand out from the crowded profiles. Well, if you get into the tactics we mentioned above, we are sure you would get the right traction.