A beginner’s guide to Internet Marketing

Do you have a business plan? Wondering how to take it online? Here are a few important things you should know.

Marketing is the art of conquering customers. It is all about convincing people to buy your products. Gone are the days of the traditional marketing of flyers and posters. Now the easiest way of reaching the customer is online. As per statistics, there are over 749 million internet users across India. So how do reach those target audiences? This is when Internet Marketing came into existence.

So let us know a little more about Internet Marketing

What is Internet Marketing? Internet marketing is otherwise called Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is a strategy for attracting customers online. Growing digitally takes a lot of time, yet following the correct strategy makes it easier. Digital Marketing is widely spread, this includes SEO (Search Indian Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.

Now Let’s dig deeper into the different strategies of Digital Marketing.

A successful online marketing strategy is about finding what works but to find that we must know what are the strategies available. 

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting the traffic organically pulled to your website. In simple terms it is the process of improving your site’s visibility, this helps you rank higher on the search engines. The term seems more complicated as we hear but a simple process can make this work easier.

So how do we optimize our website?

To answer this question let’s understand how SEO works.

Search Engines like Google and Bing use crawl bots on the web page, these bots help collect information from the websites and put them on the index. Indexes are something compared to a giant library and whenever a customer wants any information about your product or services the bots are responsible to give the information.

We at Zero Gravity Digital offer the best search engine optimization services in Chennai to help you work best contents and related keywords that are responsible for the higher ranking of your website. Our strategy is to offer a positive user experience for your websites so that you can be easily found.

SMM Social Media Marketing

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According to a recent survey, there are about 518 million internet users on social media. This means that we have an immense opportunity to target all those customers whether they are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, or any other platform. Through social media marketing, we will be able to target your customers and pull them to your website. There are two ways of doing this:

Organic: Organic Social media marketing means anything that you do on social media platforms is free. Whether you post a picture, promote a product, or upload a video or service which helps you attract your customers. This helps you to engage your customers organically.

Paid: Paid Social Media Marketing is done by allowing you to promote your products by selecting a particular set of audiences, and allows you to target customers based on their demographic.

There is a number of agencies who would help you achieve the target but at Zero Gravity Digital we help you plan a perfect marketing strategy that allows you to attract each and every customer, not allowing them to just scroll down your feeds but to action it right away, Because we just don’t do good marketing, but great marketing. we are one of the best social media marketing agency in Chennai.

 Content Marketing:

content marketing

 “Great Content, Inspires Great Action”. Every brand has a story.  Content Marketing is a form of storytelling. This marketing plan includes the creation of content in the form of videos, stories, podcasts, and many others to promote brand awareness. In the digital era, there is endless internet space to publish great content and Zero Gravity digital can read all those marketing pulses. We help you create content and do content mapping.

So you may wonder what content mapping is. Content mapping is the act of understanding your audience and creating content at every stage of your business.

 PPC- Paid Advertising 

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“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” – Jeff Eisenberg. “.

We know the terms are getting challenging to understand. Don’t worry Zero Gravity Digital got you covered, let’s make this simple, it is a form of marketing strategy in which advertisers pay a fee every time someone clicks their ads.

You might have seen ads being displayed in every corner of the digital world. Every ad is a marketing strategy that is made to target customers and increase brand awareness.

 Email Marketing:

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 It is a form of marketing that allows you to promote your products to every customer on your email list. Email can be a medium to educate your products or services and also to send them any offers, or discounts. This is also called a strategy of re-marketing.

This helps you build a relationship with your audience and drive traffic to your blogs, websites, or social media pages. So it’s not just a simple email that can attract your customer, at Zero Gravity Digital we are one of the best email marketing agency in Chennai and also we believe in “Quality over Quantity”. We help you send quality emails at regular intervals understanding the pulse of the customer.

 Influencer Marketing:

influencer marketing

When was the last time you recommended a product to your friends? This marketing strategy is called word of mouth and it is free advertising. When making a decision of buying a product people tend to trust other people more than advertisements. Hence partnering with a famous celebrity you can sell your products to your targeted customer without no much hassle.

At Zero Gravity Digital, we know that it is a golden opportunity to liven up your social media presence. Your ultimate goal is to win your audience, and so is ours.

Regardless of all these marketing strategy, there are a few more steps you might want to know

  1.       Identify your goal
  2.       Define your targeted audience
  3.       Formulate a marketing plan
  4.       Execute and monitor the performance

We know that you are bombarded with questions, if you have a business plan,

Don’t worry it has made it easier because at Zero Gravity digital we know that the best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.

Let’s take action together.