Short-Form Video Trends To Look For In 2022

Modern society is flooded with short-form videos. Brands are currently paying attention as short-form products on platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Google, LinkedIn, and Pinterest increase.

More than half of marketers (51%) that use short-form video want to raise their investment in 2022, according to the HubSpot Blog’s 2022 Marketing Industry Trends Survey. 38% of investors still intend to make the same amount of investment.

Then what? With 30% of social media marketers planning to invest more in it than any other trend in 2022, short-form video offers the best return on investment of any social media marketing tactic.

So, how can you use short-form video to expand your brand? And what are some trends to look for in the following year?

  1.   Brand Challenges

Through viral content centered on dances, melodies, and noises, short-form videos initially became well-known. Brands may now create their own viral sounds, filters, and challenges.

Our analysis on social media trends found that 42% of marketers who were polled used branded challenges and that 20% of them performed better than predicted. They are also listed by marketers as one of the most successful social media trends for 2021.

  1.   Influencers Ad:

Influencer marketing is a strategy that brands have used for years. More firms are using them in short-form video content, though. 66% of marketing organisations, according to HubSpot Blog Research, collaborate with TikTok influencers. In terms of ROI when using influencers, they rate it at number five.

  1.   Product Teasers:

Think about the typical advertisement you see: The typical range is from six to sixty seconds. In addition, a short-form video typically lasts around this time. Brands may utilize short-form video platforms to market their goods naturally as a result.

It may be quite powerful since it doesn’t call for a huge budget, it has the ability to become viral, and it raises awareness of your business.

  1.   User Generator Content:

The majority of consumers adore UGC. It has a bigger impact on consumers’ purchase decisions than brand- or influencer-generated material.

UGC gives a high return on investment (ROI), according to study results from 40% of marketers published on the HubSpot Blog. Additionally, according to our study, Gen-Z users, who make up the largest segment of TikTok users, like it. Why is UGC an effective tactic? Brands may release emotional videos without using a lot of cash, though. It is also affordable.

  1.   More Behind the Brand Videos:

Customers want for brands that are transparent and real. You only have a little window of time with short-form video to engage your viewers. So, how do you do that ? Customers tend to feel more connected to businesses that display the people behind the company, however there isn’t a precise science behind this.

In 2022, brands should let their consumers in and interact with them on a more intimate level. According to our social media trends research, 36% of marketers questioned presently use the real-world, behind-the-scenes footage that is so well-liked on platforms like TikTok. When it comes to ROI, those that use it place it third, according to 68% of marketers, who also regard humorous and interactive content as the most successful types of content.

  1.   Educational videos:

 Think, how-to, DIY, and explainer films when imagining the instructive material that marketers will likely priorities in their short-form videos in 2022. According to a 2020 Wyzowl research, consumers want to see more of this kind of video content from companies.

Wondering where we stand right now? 32% of marketers questioned for our social media trends research claim to use educational material presently, and 57% of those claim it to be one of the most successful content categories.


Marketing initiatives would be lacking without video material. When you examine patterns and statistics, it is simple to understand why. Videos are becoming an integral aspect of content marketing since they have so many benefits.

Short-form films may pay off and grow your brand if you’re a marketer or company wanting to improve your online presence, especially if you want to convey your message quickly.